Nutella + Coffee = Tasty x 1050

a few days back, i was enjoying breakfast and was completely absorbed in my most recent issue of the Fantastic Four. when i reached to turn the page during an action sequence, my excitement got the best of me and i accidentally dropped the remaining 1/3 of my Nutella toast into my coffee. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident and I have now discovered what will come to be known as the Nutellatte.

my latest invention has since been implemented at the store and has seen terrific reviews. and do not fear, there was no damage to Fantastic Four #553 and it is now safely encased in a protective sheathing and filed away for future enjoyment.


bakesalot said...

yum....i can't wait to come and try it!

RBerenguel said...

I made an iced Nutella-coffee cocktail I named (by suggestion of a Twitter friend) the Nutcafecocktail. You can read more in my blog.. The recipe is refreshing, caffeinated, sweet and with high doses of Nutella :D

I hope you try it and enjoy it!