free coffee for smart people tuesday

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what is the equation of the oblique asymptote for the following function:

previous answer:
linus torvalds, duh.


free coffee for smart people tuesday

today's question:

who is this (accomplished, astute, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, discerning, expert, genius, gifted, ingenious, intellectual, inventive, knowing, knowledgeable, profound, sharp, smart, talented) man?

as always, you have two weeks to enter the doors of either brew nerds locations, tell my faithful and devoted employee the answer to the question, and receive a 450 ml beverage of your choice.
(please note: we are now serving peppermint stick mochas and eggnog lattes!!)

f.c.f.s.p. (11/25 answer)

95.5 degree Fahrenheit.

If you need a reminder, the question was:
your barista hands you your cup of coffee and it's 140° F. ten minutes later, you remove your thermometer from your pocket protector and measure and it's now 120° F.
assuming exponential decay in temperature (who wouldn't?) and that room temperature is 70°, what will the temperature be in 20 more minutes, 30 minutes from when it was handed to you?


stocking stuffer

while out shopping for christmas gifts for some of the people in my life with whom i share dna, i came across this star trek pez gift pack. what a delightful christmas morning it would be, should i find these nestled in the bottom of my stocking.

ps. if you do buy them for me, please be sure to leave them sealed in the original packaging, for obvious reasons.