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although the term "geek" is generally shunned among the nerd community, the content of the site geekson.com covers a wide range of geek and nerd topics, and cannot go unposted by this nerd.


to caffeinate or not to caffeinate?

there's really no question, actually.
the sole purpose of a coffee bean, from the exact moment it bursts out into the world, until the time it reaches our custom designed drinking vessels, is to provide caffeine to the masses.

with that fact now pointed out (as if it weren't glaringly obvious), i present you with the following facts about the approximate caffeine content in some various brew nerds beverages.

before i proceed, allow me to remind the non-nerds who may be reading, that
16 ounces ≈ 450 milliliters.

and now, without further ado, caffeine information for the galaxy's preeminent coffee:
brewed coffee (450 ml) - 320 mg caffeine
average swirlie (450 ml) - 195 mg caffeine
cafe americano (450 ml) - 225 mg caffeine
cafe latte (450 ml) - 150 mg caffeine
cafe mocha (450 ml) - 175 mg caffeine
espresso (30 ml) - 75 mg caffeine
expresso (30 ml) - 0 mg caffeine

i can only hope that this serves to provide you with the data that will allow you to make an informed decision the next time you are fortunate enough to find yourself a patron of the one and only brew nerds.


iphone cool fact #1

there's a myriad of reasons why the iphone is an amazing feat of technology. some are plainly obvious, while others can only be realized by the approximately 5,000,000 extraordinarily intelligent iphone users in the galaxy.

the iphone does not have an actual keyboard, rather a virtual keyboard that is generated on the touch screen. as you are about to select a particular key, it becomes magnified. this serves to make it easier to select, since the iphone is a sleek and beautiful device, and our human fingers are clumsy and lacking in elegance.

here's where it gets sweet. the iphone recognizes common words, so it uses the science of probability to predict the next character you will type. for characters that are statistically more likely to be next (such as "e" after "coff"), the iphone enlarges the landing area around the key, making it much easier to select the correct next letter and much more difficult to select a statistically impossible letter ("x" after "coff", for example).

your iphone is smarter than you.


happy π day

or more accurately, happy 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078

today (3/14) is pi day. for your reading enjoyment, here are some interesting factoids:
1. pi represents the relationship between a circle’s diameter and its circumference.
2. pi is an irrational number.
3. pi has been calculated to over 1 trillion decimal places (via computer).
4. the symbol for pi was first used in 1706 by William Jones, but become popular after being used by Leonhard Euler in 1737

for more π day fun, go here.
what will you be doing to celebrate pi day?


flow chart

for all the non-nerds in the galaxy, here is a diagram that details the path to becoming a nerd, courtesy of the new york times...


best. video game. ever.

last friday, an integral element of the brew nerds atmosphere finally arrived in the form of a ms. pacman table. although there are other games available in this console, ms. pacman strikes a chord with myself and countless other nerds the world around, and is widely considered the best video game from -∞ to ∞.

i'm slightly humbled to report that the following high score came at the hands of a fellow (and rival) nerd.

whoever you are, know that i will soon overtake you and the high score will be all mine!


projected saturday agenda

behold, all signs point to a splendid saturday on the horizon...

to begin my day in ultimate nerd fashion, i will stop into the store and enjoy a gratifying selection from the specialty coffee beverages. i will pair this with a princess leah cinnamon roll to create a perfect breakfast marriage. incidentally, at this time, i aspire to converse socially with a recently hired employee, whose aesthetically pleasing qualities and nerd attributes have caught my optical nerves.

my afternoon plans consist of several hours of WoW, a bag of cool ranch doritos and a six pack of mountain dew. a minimal, indefinite number of my closest cyber acquaintances will be convening with me online in warcraft universe for this activity.

as twilight approaches, some local fellow nerds will be joining me at my place for an informal social gathering. we will share in consuming approximately 2 to 3 pizzas and at least 2 twelve packs of various caffeinated, carbonated beverages. although definite plans have yet to be confirmed, there is a high probability (> 0.85) that we will spend the night competing in various wii games and sharing in a number of conversations pertaining to topics of higher thinking.

nerd utopia.


Nutella + Coffee = Tasty x 1050

a few days back, i was enjoying breakfast and was completely absorbed in my most recent issue of the Fantastic Four. when i reached to turn the page during an action sequence, my excitement got the best of me and i accidentally dropped the remaining 1/3 of my Nutella toast into my coffee. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident and I have now discovered what will come to be known as the Nutellatte.

my latest invention has since been implemented at the store and has seen terrific reviews. and do not fear, there was no damage to Fantastic Four #553 and it is now safely encased in a protective sheathing and filed away for future enjoyment.