projected saturday agenda

behold, all signs point to a splendid saturday on the horizon...

to begin my day in ultimate nerd fashion, i will stop into the store and enjoy a gratifying selection from the specialty coffee beverages. i will pair this with a princess leah cinnamon roll to create a perfect breakfast marriage. incidentally, at this time, i aspire to converse socially with a recently hired employee, whose aesthetically pleasing qualities and nerd attributes have caught my optical nerves.

my afternoon plans consist of several hours of WoW, a bag of cool ranch doritos and a six pack of mountain dew. a minimal, indefinite number of my closest cyber acquaintances will be convening with me online in warcraft universe for this activity.

as twilight approaches, some local fellow nerds will be joining me at my place for an informal social gathering. we will share in consuming approximately 2 to 3 pizzas and at least 2 twelve packs of various caffeinated, carbonated beverages. although definite plans have yet to be confirmed, there is a high probability (> 0.85) that we will spend the night competing in various wii games and sharing in a number of conversations pertaining to topics of higher thinking.

nerd utopia.

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