iphone cool fact #1

there's a myriad of reasons why the iphone is an amazing feat of technology. some are plainly obvious, while others can only be realized by the approximately 5,000,000 extraordinarily intelligent iphone users in the galaxy.

the iphone does not have an actual keyboard, rather a virtual keyboard that is generated on the touch screen. as you are about to select a particular key, it becomes magnified. this serves to make it easier to select, since the iphone is a sleek and beautiful device, and our human fingers are clumsy and lacking in elegance.

here's where it gets sweet. the iphone recognizes common words, so it uses the science of probability to predict the next character you will type. for characters that are statistically more likely to be next (such as "e" after "coff"), the iphone enlarges the landing area around the key, making it much easier to select the correct next letter and much more difficult to select a statistically impossible letter ("x" after "coff", for example).

your iphone is smarter than you.

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~stevesgurl~ said...

When you type "coff", it should come up "Brew Nerds". That is if it is really that smart! :)