to caffeinate or not to caffeinate?

there's really no question, actually.
the sole purpose of a coffee bean, from the exact moment it bursts out into the world, until the time it reaches our custom designed drinking vessels, is to provide caffeine to the masses.

with that fact now pointed out (as if it weren't glaringly obvious), i present you with the following facts about the approximate caffeine content in some various brew nerds beverages.

before i proceed, allow me to remind the non-nerds who may be reading, that
16 ounces ≈ 450 milliliters.

and now, without further ado, caffeine information for the galaxy's preeminent coffee:
brewed coffee (450 ml) - 320 mg caffeine
average swirlie (450 ml) - 195 mg caffeine
cafe americano (450 ml) - 225 mg caffeine
cafe latte (450 ml) - 150 mg caffeine
cafe mocha (450 ml) - 175 mg caffeine
espresso (30 ml) - 75 mg caffeine
expresso (30 ml) - 0 mg caffeine

i can only hope that this serves to provide you with the data that will allow you to make an informed decision the next time you are fortunate enough to find yourself a patron of the one and only brew nerds.


Anonymous said...

The correct answer is to always caffeinate.

miss b said...

you spelled 'swirlY' incorrectly.