autumn beverage selection

the autumn climate has descended upon us quickly.
with that comes a shift in the time-space-beverage continuum. human beings not only prefer, but find great comfort in drinks riddled with typical autumn flavors. the change in the climate brings with it a desire for pumpkin and apples (not the computer), nutmeg and cinnamon.

at brew nerds, we are delighted to roll out three new beverages, scientifically engineered to enhance all of your autumn activities. whether you've just finished raking leaves, carving a pumpkin, or baking a pie, these beverages are sure to please.

stop in soon, and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, a caramel apple cider (my favorite) or a spiced cider. they are the liquid equivalent of a hayride.



allow me to clarify a point that may have been unclear.

the name "free coffee for smart people tuesdays" seems to indicate that the free coffee may only be redeemed on the same tuesday that the question is posed. this, however, is untrue. the question can be answered on any day in the two weeks following the posting. this should give any nerd ample time to read a college level textbook pertaining to the topic of said question.

so.... get back to calculating!


free coffee for smart people tuesdays

here is the inaugural tuesday free coffee question. it is no coincidence that the subject of the first question is calculus, as it is the foundation of all mathematics, and therefore the foundation of all the sciences. but, you already knew that.

it's actually quite simple.


free coffee for smart people tuesdays

in an effort to reward the brilliance of my devoted customers and fellow brew nerds, i'm starting a little promotion entitled free coffee for smart people tuesdays. every other tuesday, that is.

it will work like this:
1. every other tuesday, i will post a question. they will not be for the intellectually inferior.
2. if you're a nerd and you know the answer, then you'll enter one of my coffee emporiums.
3. here you'll inform the coffee scientist on staff of the answer to the question.
4. if you are correct, you'll be rewarded with one free coffee beverage of your choice.
5. you'll sign your name on a nerd hall of fame and wait patiently for two weeks until the next free coffee for smart people tuesday question.

the first question will post tomorrow at 12:01 am.


for the travelling nerd....

...an article with tips for making the best of a dismal situation: the dreaded hotel coffee machine.
(there's even a graph!!)

note: when brew nerds achieves complete galaxy domination, this blog post will self destruct.





brew nerds 2.0 (the downtown location) is now serving bagels.
not just any bagels.
bagel station bagels.

if brew nerds coffee was the universe's best coffee before, while being paired only with sweet counterparts, how much more intellectually superior will it be now that it also has a salty accompaniment? ridiculous.


nerd attire: episode 5 - the cool nerd

to find a perfect example of a cool nerd, one needs to look no further than their television set during approximately 13 out of 20 percent of commercial breaks. that is to say, the epitome of cool nerdiness is:

there are no written rules for the attire that a cool nerd can don. the key is to blend in with our non nerd counterparts. whether said nerd is cool or not, their fashion sense will render them undetectable as an intellectual superior to the casual observer.

there is one possible negative side effect to this style:
as a cool nerd seeks out other nerds for companionship, he will be met with distrust. most nerds are filled with a great amount of pride regarding their state of nerdiness, so the disguise themselves as a lowly member of the non-mensa community is a slap in the face. cool nerds will likely have to work very hard to identify other fellow cool nerds for friendship, which can be a daunting task.

it is my (highly intellectual) opinion that while the cool nerd look may be good for selling macs and other techie devices to the uneducated masses, true nerds should bask in their nerdiness and relish every opportunity to put it on display.

this is the last post in the nerd attire series. n = 5, if you will.

what style of nerd attire do you prefer??


23 unsolved math problems

the kind nerds at NetworkWorld.com have assembled a list of the world's 23 toughest math questions. unfortunately, due to my obligations as the mastermind of the smart coffee revolution, i haven't had much time to devote to lending my supreme brain power to these problems.

it is safe to say, however, that there is a direct correlation between the progress of the brew nerds coffee takeover and the probability that these problems are solved. how i wish i could be there for the magical moment when the perfect cup of coffee hits the lips of an unsuspecting mathematical genius, making these 23 problems seem like mere rocket science to him (or her).