nerd attire: episode 5 - the cool nerd

to find a perfect example of a cool nerd, one needs to look no further than their television set during approximately 13 out of 20 percent of commercial breaks. that is to say, the epitome of cool nerdiness is:

there are no written rules for the attire that a cool nerd can don. the key is to blend in with our non nerd counterparts. whether said nerd is cool or not, their fashion sense will render them undetectable as an intellectual superior to the casual observer.

there is one possible negative side effect to this style:
as a cool nerd seeks out other nerds for companionship, he will be met with distrust. most nerds are filled with a great amount of pride regarding their state of nerdiness, so the disguise themselves as a lowly member of the non-mensa community is a slap in the face. cool nerds will likely have to work very hard to identify other fellow cool nerds for friendship, which can be a daunting task.

it is my (highly intellectual) opinion that while the cool nerd look may be good for selling macs and other techie devices to the uneducated masses, true nerds should bask in their nerdiness and relish every opportunity to put it on display.

this is the last post in the nerd attire series. n = 5, if you will.

what style of nerd attire do you prefer??

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