free coffee for smart people tuesdays

in an effort to reward the brilliance of my devoted customers and fellow brew nerds, i'm starting a little promotion entitled free coffee for smart people tuesdays. every other tuesday, that is.

it will work like this:
1. every other tuesday, i will post a question. they will not be for the intellectually inferior.
2. if you're a nerd and you know the answer, then you'll enter one of my coffee emporiums.
3. here you'll inform the coffee scientist on staff of the answer to the question.
4. if you are correct, you'll be rewarded with one free coffee beverage of your choice.
5. you'll sign your name on a nerd hall of fame and wait patiently for two weeks until the next free coffee for smart people tuesday question.

the first question will post tomorrow at 12:01 am.

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