Sierpinski carpet fractal cookies

while perusing the internet for delectable treats suitable for accompanying the universe's best coffee, i happened upon an article from fellow intellectuals at evil mad scientist laboratories that details how to create these fractal cookies in the likeness of a Sierpinski carpet:

The guide can be found at this location in the www.

Suffice to say, I'm now on a quest to obtain a Play-doh extruder so that I can make these, and other various forms of pixel cookies.


coffee takeover equation

on monday, july 14th, 2008, the coffee consuming masses will stand in awe as brew nerds will unveil another coffee distribution facility, in the neverending pursuit of complete earthly coffee conquest.

that means, exactly 143 days after the brew nerds prototype model began supplying area winston-salem nerds with mind blowing coffee, the operation has now doubled in size.

using this data and a small bit of optimism, i have created the following exponential growth model to determine the number of brew nerds stores there will be at any given time:
N = e^(1.774069008t)
[or more accurately: N = e^(366ln(2)t/143)]
where N is the number of Brew Nerds stores and t is time, measured in years since the opening of the first store (2008).

furthermore, at the rate of growth, i can estimate that it will be 5.4206113 years (5 years, 153 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes, 18.58170182 seconds) until brew nerds overtakes the evil mermaid, who currently operates 15,011 stores.

and lest i forget, here are the details surrounding the opening of the new brew nerds store:
opening date: july 14th, 2008.
location: 305 w. 4th street, winston-salem, nc (formerly "sin coffee bar").
coffee iq: 160

note: calculations performed on ti-84 plus silver edition graphing calculator.

proud nerd

i couldn't help but post a digitally captured image of one of my proudest nerds:


more geek decor must-haves

these will compliment the ascii curtains very well.
actually, since they appeal to two opposing interests of nerdiness (computers and video games), it would not be ideal to put these in the same room as the curtains.


310.2° K

it has come to my attention that the temperature has been reaching record highs over the course of the past several days. i've overheard a number of conversations, wherein the participants exchange statements expressing their disgust, frustration and uncomfortableness regarding said weather conditions.

i, however, being a very pale, white nerd, can offer a different perspective.

nerds not only prefer the indoors, they embrace it. at an early age, it is this trait that can help to distinguish a potential nerd from his or her non-nerd counterpart. young nerds will opt to play video games in the basement rather than ride a two wheeled, non-motorized vehicle around the neighborhood. in the ensuing high school years, future nerds will choose to participate in indoor activities such as the math team and the chess club over outdoor activities involving inflated spheres and physical exertion.

as an adult nerd, i not only choose nerdy indoor activities, but my fragile skin is unable to handle very many UV rays without quickly transforming into a blistering (not to mention excruciating) sunburn. therefore, during hot weather, you can find me and my fellow nerds indoors and happy to be there.

note: during the heat wave, i will switch my coffee drinking habits from hot to iced.


nerd curtains

i need these: