the invasion has begun

sincerest apologies for the long down time between blog posts, but envisioning, creating, planning and constructing the distribution center for the world's smartest coffee has proven to be quite a time consuming task.

early last week, we conducted intense beta testing on all of the Brew Nerds systems, from the cash registers, to the awesome light emitting diode outdoor decor, to the staff of nerds who have been assembled to provide the world with a superior cup of coffee.

on friday, Brew Nerds 1.0 went live. coffee that can do kung fu is available for nerds everywhere. we are now poised for the takeover of planet earth. nerds rule!


grk said...

you guys are using Superior? I thought you were roasting on site... Do tell.

Brew Nerds said...

1. Higher than another in rank, station, or authority: a superior officer.
2. Of a higher nature or kind.
3. Of great value or excellence; extraordinary.

See #2 and #3