new wii game

last weekend, a new addition was welcomed into my home. i am now the proud owner of mario kart for my nintendo wii.

i have attempted, unsuccessfully, to evenly distribute my playing time in such a manner as to allow for my necessary daily tasks to go without suffering. however, each time i pass by my high definition, dynamic picture broadcasting device, in my peripheral vision, the glowing blue light on the wii console seems to be calling out for me. the force is strong with this one. my nerd instincts take over, and before i know what has happened, i find myself reclined in the video rocker, revolutionary wii wheel firmly in my grasp, racing furiously against internet participants across continent.

past experience indicates that once the novelty wears off, i can resume my daily routine as i once knew it, but for now, you can find me virtually located in the wii network, most likely in the form of yoshi.

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