neglect, halo 3, employees, and a+bi

it appears this blog has fallen victim to slight neglect and has suffered from a long interval between posts. to my faithful readers, i send my deepest apologies.

the fact is, there hasn't been much to blog about in the life of leonard the coffee nerd.

last weekend, there was a halo 3 tournament at the local mall. not wanting to spend the rest of my existence in a state of "what might have been", i headed over to put my skills to the test. unfortunately, i suffered an early demise, at the hands of some energetic teenagers. however, in my defense, video game prowess is widely considered (by the intellectual community) to be the pursuit of a geek, rather than that of a nerd. i am quite a sore loser and decided that there were more important endeavors to participate in, so i didn't wait around to see who would be crowned the halo 3 mall champion.

the store is operating very smoothly. my employees have been eagerly gaining a wealth of knowledge concerning the best practices of making great coffee. they have also showed unwavering dedication and have completely embraced the brew nerds way. it increases the levels of serotonin in my brain when i see them engaged in the task of providing the masses with great coffee.

in my personal time, i've been investigating the subject of complex variables. it's a topic of mathematics that has given me a lot of grief at times, but that i find most intriguing. mere mortals cannot wrap their brains around the concept of imaginary numbers, much less performing high level mathematical operations on them. i suppose that's what seperates the brew nerds from the rest of the pack...

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