Recently I've taken to a new hobby: wardriving.

For the uninitiated, wardriving involves coupling your laptop with a
GPS device and driving around to catalog the various access points
that are viewable.

Some darker-than-white-hat hackers take wardriving to the next level
and piggyback onto open wireless networks that are available. My
interest lies solely in collecting information about the security of
the available networks. Of the 613 wireless networks I have found in
the past 3 days, 38% are using WEP encryption, 20% are using WPA/WPA2
encryption and 42% are using no encryption.

My setup of choice is the following:
-15" Intel Core2 Duo MacBook Pro
-Kismac Trunk r273
-Hawking Technology USB Wireless G Adapter (HWUG1A)
-Hawking outdoor 9dBi gain omnidirectional antenna (HAO9SIP)

Kismac will export a Google Earth KML file that will allow you to view
your previous wardriving adventures. It is quite interesting how many
people don't care about security these days.

Of course all of my blog readers have fully secured enterprise level
WPA2 talking to a RADIUS server with two-factor authentication.

Am I right or am I right?


Jamie said...

How did you set-up your KisMAC? I am particularly interested in what driver do you used with KisMAC.

matthew said...

SAME HERE!!!!! I can't figure it out....