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during my frequent excursions to brew nerds, i often overhear patrons of the establishment engaging in discourse about the differences of original pacman and ms. pacman. although i feel that my mental database of pacman information is sufficient, in an effort to obtain a comprehensive list for my fellow gaming aficionados, i did some research. my findings are below:

1. pacman has only one maze. ms. pacman has six different mazes (four styles, with 5 colors). the maze changes after each intermission.

2. pacman's mazes have hollow walls. ms. pacman's walls are solid.

3. pacman has one warp tunnel, connecting the left and right sides of the maze. ms. pacman has two warp tunnels (except for the third maze design which contains only one tunnel).

4. the programming in pacman used pre-set ghost movement patterns, which gamers were able to memorize and defeat each level. ms. pacman uses pseudo-random movement, making it much more difficult to predict the paths of the ghosts.

5. fruits appear in the center of the maze in pacman, whereas in ms. pacman, fruits enter the maze through one of the warp tunnels, bounce around the maze, and through another tunnel if not eaten.

6. the orange ghost is named clyde in pacman. in ms. pacman, her name is sue.

7. in pacman the intermissions were humorous animations starring pacman and the ghosts. in ms. pacman the three intermissions follow the relationship between pacman and ms. pacman.

8. ms. pacman rules.*

*note: this fact was not in my research. it is an axiom of the video game world.

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